För att lyssna behöver du Spotify

Text: Jan Gävert
Musik: Jan Gävert

Monday morning what to do
In my dream love was true
But now I am awake and I have to go to work

But what I really want to do
I sing a song of love to you
And keep the dream of love and happiness alive

Vampires try to suck me blood each and every day
Trying to keep me down and not become rebel

It’s love that the almighty all bring
Higher one you are the King
It’s love that the Almighty all bring
Oh Lord to you I sing

Every evening read the news
I wonder why can’t see the truth
Stand up strong you see, it’s time to go to work

Let us find a better way
Follow the light and keep the faith
And I and I dream of love and happiness alive


Ord från våra vänner:

Såå jäkla bra!!

— Elena Nilsson