För att lyssna behöver du Spotify

Text: Simon Ström
Musik: Jan Gävert

Babylon dem a murderer
In service of their empire
What sentence them servin ya
Suck we dry like a vampire

Dem seek a prejudice to be tappin into yo phone
Later gun dem a draw and invade your home
In front of your children now they forcing you on the ground
Rippin yo place apart to find everything you own
Next your neighbour gets the same operation
False pretences let dem terrorize the nation
True dem want monopolize information
A global incrimination

Violence dem philosophy and they won’t stop until
Silence come from every mouth and free will get kill
Oxygen levels decrease from the oil dem keep drill
Distribute life support in a lobotomy pill

Ina dem factory a peer hatred dem a produce
Bomb, landmine and grenade to mutilate the youths
Any dissident will be trampled with dem boots
And dem lie on the news to put we conscience on snooze
Used to blame Stalin now they blaming Bin Ladin
But blind of hatred Babylon don’t show no pardon
To kill the weeds they poison the whole garden
Killing every plant and leave us starvin

Ord från våra vänner:

Såå jäkla bra!!

— Elena Nilsson