Peace and Love

Peace And Love

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Text: Jan Gävert
Musik: Jan Gävert

War in the East and war in the West
Throw down your arms and give mother of earth some rest
She is tired of all of the beating
Tired and she must get some healing

War up north and war down South
Echoes from the past, how long will they last
until creation will crash
We are crying for love, longing for peace
Crying for love, longing for peace

Peace and love is what we chant for peace and love

Young and rebellious you’ve got to stand up tall
And fight for your rights, because you know Babylon must fall
We must go forward with Ital living
And get knowledge of nature we’re living in

Protection of life is a serious thing
Embrace all the wonderful things she brings
We have to love and love the living
And say that I love you, oh yes I do


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Grym spelning:-) alltid lika kul när ni är här:-)

— Niklas Oskarsson