Higher Ground

Higher Ground

För att lyssna behöver du Spotify

Text: Jan Gävert
Musik: Jan Gävert

It is time for I education
And read the words from creation
I need some good meditation
Be free and feel liberation

Higher ground – we suffer inna Babylon
It is time for a new foundation – the old one will all have to fall

Rasta is my one inspiration
Pulls me up from all indoctrination
Music and songs bout reality
The system will never ever conquer me

Sometimes you need motivation
Lift your head and fight abomination
You need to check the situation
It is Babylon that sucks your inspiration

Them belly full with intoxication
And their mind with foolish creations
Illusion set on vanity
And no regret for humanity

Ord från våra vänner:

Sååå kung! Sjunger än:)

— Tina Andersson