För att lyssna behöver du Spotify

Text: Jan Gävert
Musik: Jan Gävert

I see you walking down this avenue
In heavy shoes prepared for you
They say they want the best for you
But I and I say, it is not true no

I blame it on the system, never on the victims no
I don’t want to have no Babywrong shitstem.

Forward, forward out of Babywrong
Forward, lets unite and be One strong

Going deeper in your search for more
But what in Gods name are you searching for
You might be searching for some revenue
To live the life that’s been prepared for you

I don’t believe this was meant to be
To live a life so full of misery
Live life in love and fight for unity
Cause unity will bring forth victory


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Jag önskar med tårar att jag kunde fått varit där… Kärlek systrar å bröder! Tror det var magiskt!

— Carl Helmer